Our Sustainable Shirts 

Our Classic range of sustainable shirts have been designed to last, remain in trend and reduce the harm to the planet by making them from sustainable materials that also protect the planet through and after their use. 




Our superfine 100% merino wool shirts are as soft as cotton yet outperform a traditional cotton shirt by regulating your temperature, remaining odourless and crease free after days of wear. This exceptional performance makes it the perfect shirt for travel, cycling to work, business and dressed when down, perfect for an evening out.


Merino Wool -  Nature’s Gift!
Wool and clothing go hand in hand! For millennia, since sheep became domesticated, wool has been used to make comfortable clothes that look great. Between the 12th and 16th centuries, Spain was a hub for quality Merino wool, however Australian and New Zealand merino wool is now renowned for their highest quality superfine merino.
Over time, its popularity grew immensely, thanks to its amazing performance and supreme quality. In the 21st century, Merino wool has become very popular among modern travellers and explorers and those who understand the heat regulation and antimicrobial benefits of wearing merino garments.
Other fibres attract bacteria making garments smell after time. Merino is naturally antimicrobial. It does not allow bad bacteria responsible for the odour to multiply, which means our shirts can be worn for several days without washing them. We have developed this fibre and spun a bespoke woven shirting rather than the typical knit construction that make our shirts ideal for both formal and informal occasions.  
We chose Superfine merino wool to produce our natural fibre shirts as it’s the only fibre that regulates your bodies temperature, keeping you cool whatever the climate. Merino also wicks sweat away from the body and dries incredibly fast, leaving you dry and confident your shirt looks and smells as good as when you first put it on. These benefits allow the wearer to go farther, work harder, and experience more. 




Our superfine jersey merino shirt and polo shirt perform just like our woven shirt but offer a more relaxed, casual look with the advantage of built in stretch. Smart enough for the office but when paired with jeans or chinos, makes the perfect casual shirt.


CLASSIC T-SHIRT – Bamboo/Tencel blend


The perfect T-Shirt becomes your favourite for life. A tailored cut with a slightly longer sleeve, made with a super soft, luxurious touch blend of Tencel, Bamboo and elastane makes this fast wicking quick drying performance T shirt ideal for high aerobic exercise but also perfect for smart occasions. 


Our sustainable blend of Bamboo and Tencel is friendly to the planet and because it withstands creasing and bacteria growth, will remain crease and odour free for days. This reduces the need for washing it after every wear, therefore reducing and power, water while prolonging the life of the T- Shirt


Our range is simple and classic. We want to create a brand of timeless classics that have little impact to the planet both in their manufacture but also throughout their use.


Our blend of fibres have been selected to outperform traditional cotton or synthetic blends and all of our products have been manufactured in ethical, audited factories that are highly skilled in the production of these specific products.