For decades, the world has tolerated our excess and carelessness and it’s only now we are starting to realise the damage we have caused.


Our sustainable Shirts, Polos and T's are engineered to stop stripping the planet's resources and cause as little damage as possible, both in the production of the product but also the life of them through wear and washing.

Benefits of wearing Merino over Cotton 

The benefits of wearing a merino wool shirt over traditional cotton are huge. The amount of water, chemicals and pesticides used to create just one cotton shirt is simply frightening.

The lifetime of a merino wool shirt can also benefit the planet due to merino wool's natural antimicrobial finish that allows you to wear your shirt for several days without the need to wash it, saving valuable water and power. 

Benefits of wearing Merino over Cotton
FR3ND - Superfine New Zealan Merino wool

Made in New Zealand, Italy and Portugal

The planet Earth is a truly amazing place we share with nature, however through decades of severe damage we have inflicted to it by over consumerism and careless choices, it’s never been so important to act now to start repairing the damage and then protect it for the survival and enjoyment of all.  


There are no fast fixes, however, if we consider everything we purchase from today, we will start to make a huge difference and this is why FR3ND was created. 


Our range is simple, classic, long-lasting, sustainable and biodegradable. We offset our footprint by planting trees and our products won’t harm the planet through production or while they are being worn and washed. 


We focus heavily on researching fibres that are green to produce, perform better than anything else, are long-lasting but critically require less laundry, allowing you to reduce the amount of water and power used by wearing our shirts for several days without the need to wash them. 


Our range of classic, long-lasting, timeless pieces designed to be worn throughout your week, be it attending a board meeting, travel, commuting by bike or a date with someone special. 

FR3ND - Our sustainable promise
FR3ND - Sustainabe fashion


I wear a lot of Merino clothing, but I have never seen such fine yarn made from Merino wool. At first look, the shirt is same as a cotton one, but it's a lot more softer. 

In this shirt, the price is caused by materials and craftmanship, not by paying a brand name. 
I checked water repellent abilities - it's awesome, the water is repelled like on an outdoor rain jacket - the cloth stays 100% dry on water drops! 

I'm super happy and hope to see more products from FR3ND in the future!