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For decades, the world has tolerated our excess and carelessness and it’s only now we are starting to realise the damage we have caused.


Our products are engineered to stop stripping the planets resources and cause as little damage as possible, both in the production of the product but also the life of them through wear and washing.

Smart for the office, travel, a date and also the planet. 


Our tailored shirts are made from sustainable luxurious superfine merino wool that offers you supreme comfort, practicality and performance like no other and with eco credentials that limit the impact on the worlds resources and environment.

Our easy care, non iron performance shirts use natural fibres made from superfine merino wool rather than typical non iron shirts that use synthetic fibres (plastic). Superfine merino wool is peerless when it comes to performance and our shirts feature several additional performance features over a traditional shirt as well as being kind to the planet.

Benefits of wearing Merino over Cotton 

Made in New Zealand, Italy and Portugal

We developed our merino wool shirting with one of the oldest shirting mills in Italy that has over a century worth of experience and dedication to weaving some of the worlds finest cloth.


This dedication to create the most luxurious shirting is highlighted by their unique production process to control the quality and performance by managing the whole production chain from fleece to fabric.

We knew the merino wool had to come from New Zealand due to it’s superior handle, quality and superfine fibres that produces a soft luxurious fabric that has a silky touch and also easy to care for. 

The merino shirts are then produced in one of Portugal’s premium shirt makers that have over 170 years experience manufacturing quality shirts.



Our merino shirts are fairly priced to reflect the high level of craftsmanship, performance and quality that goes into producing them.

We choose not to discount and want all our customers to buy with confidence that the price they pay today remains the same for everyone, everyday of the year.




I wear a lot of Merino clothing, but I have never seen such fine yarn made from Merino wool. At first look, the shirt is same as a cotton one, but it's a lot more softer. 
In this shirt, the price is caused by materials and craftmanship, not by paying a brand name. 
I checked water repellent abilities - it's awesome, the water is repelled like on an outdoor rain jacket - the cloth stays 100% dry on water drops! 
I'm super happy and hope to see more products from FR3ND in the future!