Our Merino shirts have been engineered to outperform traditional cotton shirts and provide a more environmentally friendly solution at the same time.


The non-iron shirt is easy to care for and is 100% naturally antimicrobial, meaning it doesn’t breed bacteria which creates the bad smell synthetic blended shirts suffer from giving you confidence the shirt smells as fresh as when it was last washed. Align this with the stain-resistant finish allows you to wear the shirt for several days without washing it.


Merino sheep regulate their temperature, keeping cool in the extreme heat of summer but warm in colder winter months. This heat regulation has been transferred to the shirt because it is made from 100% superfine merino wool, making it the ideal shirt to wear in all climates and conditions.


Merino is 100% natural and only requires very little water and some grass to grow, making it very sustainable and at the end of the shirts life, it will degrade within months when buried in a landfill.


The superfine merino wool is spun in one of Italy’s premium shirting mills and then the shirts are produced in Portugal’s oldest shirt makers, guaranteeing you a luxury product with supreme comfort and quality.

Merino Wool Shirt - Grey - Stripe


Your shirt will last for many years providing you look after it well and follow these care instructions. 

Machine wash at 30º (cold) on a gentle cycle with your regular detergent. You don’t need any special wool soaps and NEVER wash any warmer than our recommended 30º. 

Do not use bleach or fabric softeners or conditioners as this can damage the properties on the merino wool.

Don’t tumble and instead remove the shirts from the washing machine, pull into shape and hang to dry. 

Do not dry clean your shirt as this will destroy the water repellency and change the handle of the fabric.

Remember, your shirt is naturally anti bacterial and wont smell, even after sweating and with washing being the biggest cause of breaking down fibres and therefore slowly destroying the fabric, we suggest you can wear the shirt several days without the need to wash it. 

Merino wool is a natural fibre and you should expect your shirt to shrink between  1 - 2% if washed at 30º. If you are between sizes then we recommend you opt for the larger size.