The Merino Polo Shirt is one of our favourite pieces. Perfect for social and formal occasions and because of the heat regulations and crease free nature, makes it the ideal polo shirt to wear in every climate, hot or cold while maintaining a smart appearance.


Made from superfine 16.5Micron merino wool from Australasia, we have milled and finished the fabric to have a luxurious, soft handle.


With a modern, tailored cut, 2 piece formal collar and longer arm, the Classic Merino Polo is the perfect polo shirts for both formal and casual occasions.


Naturally antimicrobial, the merino polo shirt won’t breed bacteria like cotton and synthetic polo shirts and this allows you to wear the polo shirt for several days in a row without the need to wash it. It also makes it an ideal polo to ride to work in, wicking moisture and drying fast while smelling as fresh as when you put it on.


Made from a sustainable sourced, 100% natural fibre that is biodegradable and because you don’t need to wash it after each wear, reduces the amount of water and power used to launder traditional cotton polo shirts.


The perfect polo shirt for work, casual, riding to work or multi day travelling.


Available in 5 sizes and 3 colours


Merino Polo Shirt - Denim


Your merino polo shirt will last for many years providing you look after it well and follow these care instructions. 

Machine wash at 30º (cold) on a gentle cycle with your regular detergent. You don’t need any special wool soaps and NEVER wash any warmer than our recommended 30º. 

Do not use bleach or fabric softeners or conditioners as this can damage the properties on the merino wool.

Don’t tumble and instead remove the merino polo shirts from the washing machine, pull into shape and hang to dry. 

Do not dry clean your polo shirt.

Remember, your polo shirt is naturally anti bacterial and wont smell, even after sweating and with washing being the biggest cause of breaking down fibres and therefore slowly destroying the fabric, we suggest you can wear the polo shirt several days without the need to wash it. 

Merino wool is a natural fibre and you should expect your polo shirt to shrink after it's first wash between  1 - 2% if washed at 30º. If you are between sizes then we recommend you opt for the larger size.