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Why our merino shirts are better than traditional cotton shirts

Merino Wool vs Cotton

Typically, shirts are made from cotton and non iron shirts are made from a blend of cotton and synthetic fibres. Were not talking about the toxic nightmare of blended synthetic shirts on this journal as we have covered this in other posts, however there are several key benefits why our merino shirts are better than traditional cotton shirts.

Crease free

A newly ironed cotton shirt looks great for the first five minutes, but if you need to do more than stand completely still, a cotton shirt will start to crease and looks terrible within a short period of activity.

By contrast, our merino shirts don’t crease and stay looking sharp all day. The merino wool fibres used in our shirts are resilient to creasing and spring back into shapes when they are bent. This allows the shirt to stay crease free but also means you don’t need to spend hours ironing the shirt when you wash it, a simple shake and line dry and your good to go.

If your going away, you know your merino wool shirt will keep you looking sharp on the journey but also for several days of wearing it, allowing you to pack lighter while saving the environment by washing shirts after every wear.


A clean, freshly laundered shirt feels and smells fantastic, however traditional cotton shirts soon look and feel grubby, with creases and smells caused by sweating causing bacteria to build up.

The FR3ND Merino wool shirt is naturally anti-bacterial which means it won’t breed or hold bacteria like cotton, allowing you to wear the shirt for several days consecutively without any odour build up.

Imagine a shirt that doesn’t crease or smell so you can wear it day after day without the need to wash or iron it. Not only will this save you time, money, water and power but reduces the impact on the environment by not having to buy so many shirts in the future.

We have also finished our shirts with a stain resistant finish, keeping your shirt cleaner if you accidently spill something down it.

Cooler than cotton.

A Cotton or Merino shirt are made from natural fibres and therefore both are breathable. Both will wick sweat away from the skin, however cotton takes an age to dry so once its wicked the sweat, the shirt will stay wet for ages. Our merino shirts dry much faster than cotton and also keeps you cooler in the heat than cotton as when the moisture evaporates from the wool, it cools the fabric and you.

Easy care.

We recommend you wash our merino shirts at a low heat, quick wash cycle. We also suggest you wear the shirt for more than 1 day before you wash it, saving you time and the environment.

By washing the shirt less, it will last much longer as you reduce the abrasion and loss of fibres caused by washing garments.

A quick shake after the wash and line dry and you are good to go, no need to set up the iron and spend hours ironing a weeks worth of work shirts.


Our Merino shirts are made from natural Merino wool. Cotton shirts are also made from a natural fibre and therefore you would think both are environmentally friendly. WRONG.

The water and pesticides used to produce cotton is quite astonishing. Cotton covers 2.5% of the worlds cultivated land however it uses 16.5% of the worlds insecticides to grow cotton and this is far more than any other single crop.

A single cotton shirt can use over 2,700 litres of water to grow enough cotton produce it. Cotton is the largest consumer of fresh water within the clothing industry and that’s just to produce the fabric, never mind the continual washing the shirt will require to keep it smelling fresh.

Non-iron cotton shirts are treated with harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde that helps stiffen the fibres and this is why non irons cotton shirts feel less comfortable that normal cotton shirts.

These chemicals are on the fibres that are directly next to your skin and that doesn’t bear thinking about how potentially harmful these could be to our bodies.

Our merino wool shirts don’t use chemicals making it a 100% natural choice for you and the environment. Merino wool grows naturally and needs no more than grass, a little water and sunshine, making it sustainable and 100% natural.

FR3ND is leading the change to produce quality shirts by using superior Merino wool fibres that perform better that cotton or synthetics. This makes it easier for you and the environment, something we need to protect.

Short TED film about the cycle to produce harmful cotton.