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Delays due to Coronavirus.

2nd April Update #1

Unfortunately the virus has continued to spread fast across Europe and we were notified by our Portuguese shirt factory that they have been forced to close their doors for the next 4 weeks as the country goes into severe lock down.

Hopefully this lockdown will help the virus to plateau and businesses and lives can start to get back to normal (if we remember what normal was).

Providing the factory is only shut for the next 4 weeks, we expect the first batch of shirts to be completed mid June as they are already on the sewing line and half way through production.

We will update this journal with new information as we receive it from our factory, but in the mean time, please stay safe and well.


Founder - FR3ND

10th March 2020

Unfortunately, coronavirus has impacted the production of your merino shirt(s) again.

The shirts are cut and on the production line in Portugal, however the factory have just advised that the shirts will be delayed as all of the local schools and kindergartens are now closed for the next 14 days (minimum) and their workforce has been severely affected with parents having to look after their children.

The virus is spreading incredibly fast across Europe and Portugal has seen dramatic increases in the number of cases over the last 48 hours. The factory owner has been warned by the local government that they may need to close the factory for a period of 7-14 days if the spread doesn’t slow.

Production of your shirt(s) will continue until this happens; however, the current workforce is just below 1/4 of normal capacity.

If the factory remains open, they predict the shirts will be finished around mid-April.

We are in constant communication with the factory and as soon as we have more information, I will be in touch.

I trust you understand the current position we all find ourselves in and please remain patient and in good health.

Best wishes


Founder - FR3ND