Why our merino shirts are better than cotton shirts.

Below are the key differences between a traditional cotton shirts and our superfine merino shirts. 



  • Natural product

  • Sustainable

  • Biodegradable

  • Cool than cotton in warm climates

  • Fast wicking 

  • Organic

  • Only needs water and grass to grow

  • Odour free

  • Crease free

  • Naturally UV resistant

  • Natural stretch

  • Temperature regulating

  • More expensive than cotton but less costly to the planet


  • Natural product

  • Sustainable

  • Biodegradable

  • Cool to the touch

  • Fast wicking 

  • Cheaper than Merino but more costly to the planet

  • Takes ages to dry

  • Uses 2,700 litres of water to produce just 1 shirt

  • 16.5% of the world’s insecticides used to grow cotton

  • Creases fast

  • Attracts bad odours

Benefits of wearing Merino over Cotton

Cotton sound environmentally friendly right? ..... It’s a natural fibre and doesn’t involve petrochemicals so buying a cotton shirt is eco? .... Wrong. 


To make a non iron cotton shirt you need to use 2,700 litres of water to grow the fibre, apply 16.5% of the worlds insecticides per annum to grow cotton and then coat the fibres in harmful chemicals like formaldehyde to make the fibres stiff and less prone to crease.


You then need to wash the shirt after a day wearing it due to the odour build up caused by bacteria breeding on the fibres, using litres of water again for each wash while decreasing the life of the shirt as 1,000’s of fibres get washed into the water system. 


There is an alternative and that’s our merino shirts. It only takes some grass and water to grow merino wool that is naturally crease free making our shirts non iron. 


No need for any nasty chemicals or insecticides to produce our merino shirts, however this is just half the story. Merino’s party trick is the antibacterial benefit of wearing our merino shirts, stopping the breeding of bacteria and therefore eliminating nasty odours, even after wearing the shirt in warm, humid climates for the day. This, along with the non iron characteristics of merino wool allows you to wear your shirt all week without needing to wash it, saving power, time and litres of water while preserving the life of your merino shirt because you are not washing 1,000 of fibres away after each wear.


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