How to care for your merino shirt?

Merino wool doesn’t need laundering the way other fabrics do. There is a misconception that wool is hard to care for and tricky to wash, however our merino shirts have been woven and treated to make them incredibly easy to care for. 

Before we get into the care instructions, please remember that merino wool is naturally antibacterial and therefore doesn’t attract bacteria like cotton and synthetic shirts, so your shirt won’t smell and take on bad odours after a long day wearing it. Alongside this, our shirts are also crease free so they stay looking sharp at the end of the day. These two attributes allow you to wear the shirt for several days without needing to launder it, saving you time and money but also the planet. 


Washing garments degrades them much faster and uses power and water. By reducing the amount of times you need to wash your shirt, you help save the planet and make you shirt last longer.


To maximise the life of your merino shirt, we recommend the following:


  1. If you really want to help the planet, hand wash in warm water every 3-4 wears. Simply fill up a small bowl and add one or two drops of detergent, add the shirt and gently swirl for a couple of minutes. Rinse in cold water thoroughly and then lay on a clean towel and roll it up inside the towel, applying some pressure to help remove the majority of the water. Shake and hang in a warm or open area.

  2. Only wear deodorant and not aluminium based anti-perspirant and this can cause armpit stains and can be difficult to remove from any garment.

  3. Cool iron if required, however we suggest you shake your shirt after the wash and line dry or hang while taking a hot shower to steam.

  4. We don’t recommend you dry clean your shirt as this will destroy the stain resistant finish and dry cleaners often use harsh detergents, hot water and heat to dry the laundry which could damage the shirt.

  5. If you do machine wash, do so on a cool wash cycle and use a small amount of standard detergent. There is no need to buy special wool soaps but feel free if you would rather use these. 

  6. You should expect your shirt to shrink around 1-2% after the first couple of washes. You shouldn’t notice this as we have pre-shrunk the fabric before we produced the shirts.

  7. Never tumble dry your shirt.